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We specialize in tailored security solutions. We will do everything to assist you in your quest for the best closure for your application.

If our custom-made sliding  and rolling grilles are not the best solution for your requirements, you must be ready for our Specialty Products.

If you are looking for the most aesthetic, secure and durable wood partition in the industry, please inquire about our Woodguard.

If you would like to protect your tobacco products, discourage theft and vandalism, and lower your insurance premiums, try our Commercial Protection System.

If you want to secure specific areas, create protected zones and/or give night access to your docks, our Industrial Protection System is exactly what you need.

If you need a custom-made shutter to secure counters, booths, kiosk stands or bar enclosures, you will be more than satisfied with our Mini-Shutter.

If your application necessitates moderate security from unwanted intrusion, our Scissor Grille will fulfill your requirements.

Whatever your security needs, our Specialty Products all come with Dagendor’s seal of quality, as do all of our closures.

Regardless of your choice of tailored security solution, you will experience the Dagendor difference.

At Dagendor, one call fits all!

Woodguard model Scissor grilles model

Woodguard model

Scissor grille model

Scissor grille

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