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Sliding vs Rolling

Sliding grille vs Rolling grille

Here is a comparison between a roling grille and a sliding grille for a corner application necessitating visibility and security. This example clearly illustrates some of the advantages of purchasing a sliding grille. To get the complete list of advantages and/or to get a quotation, please contact us at 1-800-301-0097. 

Attributes Sliding grille Rolling grille
Model The SUPRA The R-OLEX
Dimensions 15' 0" X 9' 0" 15' 0" X 9' 0"
Total price delivered $1 490.00 + appl. txs $4 178.00 + appl. txs
Total price installed $1 825.00 + appl. txs $5 478.00 + appl. txs
Weight 338 Lbs 945 Lbs
Installation An average of two men for two hours. An average of two to four men for four hours.
Configurations Unlimited. Design. Versality. Special radius. Limited. Straight line only.
Aesthetics Large openings, free of mullions. No floor track. Restricted openings.
Maintenance No maintenance required. Electric operator and control maintenance.
Repairs Simple, fast and inexpensive. Complicated and expensive.(Especially if you must undo the ceiling to reach the motor.)

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